Find The Truth: "News Deserts"

10 Jan

Can you imagine if newspapers never existed?

News, a powerful source of information, direct or indirect,

decisions are made every day based on the information received via newspapers.

Straight to the point:

Remember the next time you read the news; without newspapers,

we would all have less knowledge of our world.


Be Informed

To avoid difficult questions is to be misinformed.

There's always an element of surprise, the information you've never known or heard about may change your view of the world.

It's Paramount:

Protect Local News!

Attribution: Lindsey Loving via News Media Alliance

'Protecting the future of news in the digital age.'

Imagine Your World Without Newspapers: 'News Deserts'

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The stakes are high, not just for the communities that have lost newspapers — or are living with the threat of losing a local newspaper – but also for the entire country. Our sense of community and our trust in democracy at all levels suffer when journalism is lost or diminished. In an age of fake news and divisive politics, the fate of communities across the country – and of grassroots democracy itself – is linked to the vitality of local journalism.

— Attribution: Penelope Muse Abernathy via

                                                                         — Lost Paper Route —


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