Melissa Sanchez: Twitter, 'it's a powerful friend' in journalism

30 Oct

At the beginning of 2018, ASK ProPublica Illinois asked readers what they wanted to know about the occupation of journalism. Thoughtful, challenging questions have been rolling in ever since, and ProPublica Illinois have been answering them in an occasional series of columns.

Twitter used to feel like a chore. Now it’s a powerful friend (and fun)
Boy, how things have changed. For many journalists, Twitter has become a powerful reporting tool for crowdsourcing ideas and tips, a platform to tell stories in new ways, and a place to engage with readers and one another.

In this ASK ProPublica Illinois dispatch, reporter Melissa Sanchez answers a question about Twitter from a journalism student in Brazil.
In reporting, Melissa Sanchez uses Twitter to keep tabs on what people are saying about issues she's covering and to connect with them.

Melissa Sanchez

Melissa Sanchez is a reporter at ProPublica Illinois, where she has been looking at how ticket debt affects the poor.

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