The Children Who Once Called Alcatraz Home

The Children Who Once Called Alcatraz Home

'As kids, we thought of it as being normal.'
Alcatraz Island was one of the most infamous places in American history.
 Alcatraz was not only home to criminals―it was home to many children, too!
Alcatraz, situated in the middle of San Francisco Bay just 1.25 miles offshore from the mainland,
Alcatraz Island has had a number of functions, including a military fortress. But it's most famous as a high-security prison. Open from 1934 to 1963, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was thought to house some of America’s most ruthless criminals. But it was also home to the guards who patrolled the cell blocks. And with them came their young families.
Alcatraz Article: ‘For Us, It Was a Big Playground’

Citation: Caitlin Nolan via Inside Edition InDepth

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